The B.I.D. Board of Directors is comprised of property owners, commercial tenants and Village Liaisons:

Current Port Jefferson Bid Members as of November 2019


  • Acting President/Vice President: Roger Rutherford
  • Treasurer: Marianne Ketcham
  • Secretary: Dr.George Westbay

Village Trustee: Kathianne Snaden


  • Vinny Seiter
  • Carol Acker
  • Art Epp
  • Rob Crowe
  • Richard Morrison
  • Naji Nizam
  • Rob Gitto
  • Bruce Passarelli
  • Tommy Schafer
  • Joe Rezvani
  • Joey Zangarillo
  • Mayor Margot Garant
  • Renee Goldfarb
  • Lisa Harris
  • James Luciano

If you are interested in becoming a Director, Contact Us.